What I’ve learned about achieving goals

Not that I’m an expert, but whenever I’m feeling a bit hopeless I like to remind myself of what went right before. It’s a good shot of motivation and a way to remind yourself what’s important.

#1 Focus first

Is it more effective to try and improve in one field or in multiple fields at once? The answer seems to be – pick one goal. We are not very good at multitasking and you probably know what it’s like being overwhelmed by a million things that need doing ‘right now’.

Whenever I tried to pursue multiple goals at the same time I always missed out on a very important perk of narrowing down your focus. As soon as you concentrate all your energy on a single goal, you’ll start to subconsciously pick up on things that will allow you to reach it. You’ll pay attention to related opportunities around you and it will seem like everything is working in your favour. Chasing multiple opportunities at the same time doesn’t get you in that state or even leaves you with enough time to pursue all these leads.

#2 Be patient

Imagine that you’re passionate about baking bread. You see that there’s a gap in the market and no one is blogging about this yet.

Great! You start your blog to later monetise it and live your dream. You invest your time and money in the website, you learn to write blog posts and master all the other technical aspects and do everything in your power to make this an amazing place that will make people’s lives better.

When this work is done you go live. You work hard and publish amazing content once a week for 6 months and nothing happens. Will you keep going?

The first step is usually seen as the most important, but in fact it’s much harder to keep going. When no one cares about your work, when no one thinks it’s going to succeed and when no one believes in you. You have to find the strength to keep going and keep learning along the way. Nothing is guaranteed, but nothing will change in your life otherwise.

#3 Everyone knows better

The world has a lot of ideas about what you should be. Various kinds of experimentation with hobbies, travel and lifestyles are welcome until you graduate from university. After that the pressure to conform begins rising. Making the standard choices might make you happy, but it sounds crazy that a default option should work for every single person. This isn’t to say that being different is always better, it’s doing what works for you that’s better.

This is why it’s so important to be your biggest fan. Oftentimes no one will believe in you. If you’re waiting for that special person/opportunity/whatever, it’s likely not going to happen. Only you have the power to make it happen.

#4 Your success

Is success earning a million dollars, winning sports competitions, or building an amazing family? Whatever it is for you, make sure that it’s your own definition.

And your own timing.

Social media only shows us the best of things. It can look like everybody is living such amazing lives doing this or that. But since you can’t see all the work behind the pictures, there’s no point in comparing yourself to them. They could be lucky, but they could’ve worked their ass off for years to get there.

Every day we get a little further.

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