Recovery tip for BJJ people who are always cold

Are you someone who’s often cold, someone who loves extreme heat, but hates cold? Or does your radiator boyfriend need sub-zero temperatures to fall asleep while you lie awake with your teeth chattering? Do you absolutely despise sleeping in a million layers of clothing? Finally do you feel like it’s more risky training in winter because your muscles are tense from the cold? 

The Solution

The solution to all these problems is not very glamorous, but if you haven’t worked it out already this is an ode to an electric blanket

To put it simply, for people described above, an electric blanket greatly improves the quality of sleep, reduces muscle tenseness, stops ongoing arguments about opening the window at night and also just feels amazing to sleep on. 

The Evidence

The effects described above are what I observed after using one for 6 months now, but there’s some science to back this as well. 

‘When heat is applied to a sore area of the body, blood vessels widen and blood flow increases to transport excess lactic acid and other toxins away from tired muscles. These muscles are also made more elastic by the heat, and nerve endings are stimulated to block pain signals.’ (Source

This makes it an ideal recovery tool – unless you’re freshly injured (read more about recovery from injury here). The infographic nicely summarises when to use heat or cold. The line ‘chronic pain can be managed with heat’ sounds particularly accurate for BJJ!

This is a bit of an odd tip for a very specific group of (cold) people, but I’ve been testing out a massage gun for the last month, so look out for a post about whether it’s worth getting one 🤔

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