I love people who drop hints or even just plainly tell you what they want for Christmas. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most of the population regardless of the occasion. Here is a short list of affordable, yet cool gifts for your fellow grappler. When in need reuse it for birthdays or any other occasions!

For grapplers there’s always the standard option of getting them a cool rashguard or some other piece of gear, but try these if you want to be more creative this year.

#1 A massage voucher

If you’ve ever been to a jiu jitsu class this one doesn’t need explaining. For biggest impact go for a deep tissue or a proper Thai massage. If you want to be fancy you may even opt for a full spa day or if massage isn’t cool enough try a floatation chamber!

Groupon is a good place to go for discounted offers, but once you find a place check their Google reviews too.

#2 Discount on flights for a frequent competitor

If you compete, or simply travel a lot you’ll know how costly flights can be. Buying tickets in advance is always an option, but if you want to treat your competitor you may want to get them a discount airline membership.

The Wizz Air one, which I have used works similarly to a railcard. It guarantees discounts on every flight and pays itself off in about 2 trips. I won’t got into the details, because this is not an ad, but you can check it out here. I haven’t heard of other airlines offering this, but if you have let me know!

#3 Tickets to events

Buying access to streaming services can be problematic due to minimum subscription periods or having to remember to cancel on time. Instead, you can be more traditional and buy your grappler a ticket for a live event.

If you live in the UK you have a lot of choice with Polaris often hosting world-class competitors, London-based UFC fight nights and many smaller invitation-only grappling events. Checking social media profiles of their favourite competitors and getting them a ticket to a seminar or even arranging a private with their idol are all great options that may not necessarily break the bank.

Nothing better to make them feel special

#4 A week of box diet

If your grappler is struggling to keep up with their nutrition plan or just needs a break from constant meal prep try getting them a box diet for a week. These have become extremely popular in the recent years and as a result you can get them in most places and in all variations from gluten-free to keto. It can be very handy to kickstart a healthier lifestyle or just to try new things and mix up the daily routine with minimum effort.

#5 Etsy

If you’re looking for slightly more standard gifts, but still want to avoid buying something generic check out the ‘grapplers gifts’ section on Etsy. They’ve got lots of cool patches, t-shirts and other accessories, which are not only very affordable, but also made by small brands. If I can buy something nice and support someone’s dream of living off of selling BJJ mugs then why not? :D

If you have any other ideas for original gifts for grapplers let me know!

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