Is a massage gun worth buying?

Anytime someone brings their massage gun to the gym two things happen: everybody wants to try it; all these people are then squealing in pain as they break down muscle knots. It’s fun for everyone except the person who actually owns it and everyone agrees that it’s amazing. But is it amazing enough to buy one for yourself?

I’ve been using a massage gun for almost 6 months now and this is what I’ve found.

Reaching muscles you can’t stretch

The biggest advantage of a massage gun is that it reaches all those muscles in your back, neck, calves…everywhere that you aren’t able to stretch yourself.

Unless you can afford regular massages from a sports professional then this is a great investment. It allows you to release tension from all over the body. You may also find that this releases muscles in places of old injuries and your flexibility might magically increase :D


This was an upside I haven’t anticipated, but the effects are incredible. Even just quickly running the gun over your body after a tough session shortens your recovery time significantly. When usually I’d be in pain and stiff the next day, I now only feel a little tired. This is probably what I love about it the most.

No need to change your lifestyle

There’s no need to change anything about your routine to use a massage gun regularly. Use it anytime you’re watching something to make couch time more productive!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

The first few times you use it it will be painful. After all, the muscles you’re finally reaching have been tense for ages. But it gets better very soon.

The best thing about this? The massage gun I am using is a generic Chinese one from amazon. If this feels this good, then imagine what a brand one could do?

The black model above is what I’ve got LINK

If you buy one or already own one let me know what you think!

PS If you’re wondering why there aren’t any pictures of me actually using the gun, it’s because I had to leave it behind in my flat in London before the lockdown begun :'(

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