How to get back on track with a healthy diet?

Christmas is a magical time when indulgence always feels right. Drinking Bailey’s all day feels right, devouring half a tin of baklava in one go feels right and of course drowning your dinner in gravy feels like this is the one and only correct way to have it. 

The return to reality is often brutal whether it’s you gassing after 2 minutes of sparring or the number on the scale starting with a new greater digit. It is also harder to get back to healthy habits now that your body craves the sugar and fat it has been fed over the last week. 

However, worrying about any of this or regretting giving a little bit of fun over the festive period won’t get you anywhere. Here are a few reasonable tips to help you get back on track with a healthy diet that don’t require any drastic craziness. Most of this is probably obvious, but I can never get enough reminders. 

1. Plan your meals

Planning and prepping meals is the fastest way to get back to your healthy routine. While the initial planning and shopping stage rehires a little bit of effort, once your meals are prepared you will be completely free of having to rely on your strong will to make good decisions and you’ll limit the temptations. 

2. Buy small packets of stuff

Meal planning and prepping doesn’t mean turning into a monk. Completely banning things from your diet (unless you’re celiac like me and some things will literally, painfully kill you) only makes you want these things more. 

This is where 100 calorie snack packets come to your rescue. From mini carrot cake (this is the most delicious thing ever) to pralines and even seaweed sheets, you can find almost anything in bite size and bulk buy it cheaply. Unless your single mini pack turns into six, you can have your cake an eat it. 

3. Always carry a snack

Carrying pieces of non-squishable fruit, small boxes of dried fruit, your mini packs of deliciousness and other similar things can help you curb your hunger and make healthier choices while out. These snacks last long, so there’s no need to eat them straight away. But most importantly they give you more time to seek out a healthy meal option instead of buying anything just because you’re starving. 

4. Throw in some extra veg

This fills you up for much longer, provides extra nutrients and significantly increases your food portion, without increasing the calorie count too much. The easiest way to do this is to buy bags of chopped up lettuce & carrot or any other ones you prefer and add it as a side to your warm meal. The bulkier the veg the longer you’ll be satiated for. 

Good luck, I know I’ll need it :D 

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