What’s it like to get laser eye surgery?

After years of having my contact lenses involuntarily removed with someone’s elbow during sparring or having to run on and off the mat to fetch my glasses, because I couldn’t see the technique, I finally decided to put an end to this bullshit. I got laser eye correction and I wanted to share what the […]

What’s it like to work remotely and train BJJ?

For most of my professional life I’ve been working in various types of offices. This pattern was interrupted by two years spent at a BJJ academy (you can find out how these two compare here). Neither of these felt right for me, so I’ve tried something new – remote working.

Lash Extensions for BJJ

Are you sick and tired of mascara running down your face and staining your gis in training, but you don’t want to give up makeup? Lash extensions may just be the thing for you! Read on to find out all you need to know before you start wearing them. What are lash extensions? There are […]

5 things to remember about when training abroad

Most people go on vacation to get their well-earned rest, but for some jiu jitsu addicts this is the perfect opportunity to guest train at local clubs. Whether you are an experienced BJJ traveller or you’re just starting out here are 5 things to bear in mind before going (which may not always be obvious). 

How to deal with injuries in BJJ?

How to deal with injuries in BJJ? At different stages of my training I have injured my foot, toe, both elbows, shoulder, and knee. Some of these injuries were minor, but altogether they kept me off the mat for a long while. How to stay in good shape and maintain your focus when you are […]

How to get a tattoo without missing out on training?


How to get a new tattoo without missing out on training? Time-off can be a real torment whether you’re a BJJ junkie or a recreational practitioner. While injuries are beyond our control, self-imposed abstinence is even more difficult to cope with. Fortunately, there are ways of still getting that new ink without getting off the […]