Roll Supreme Rashguard Review

Since I have left most of my worldly possessions in my London flat before the lockdown, I was recently in need of a rashguard.

Without any expectations I went for one of Roll Supreme men’s rash guards and I liked it so much, that I decided it deserved a review.

Why not get a women’s one? It might just be me, but most of them are simply… really ugly. Pink warrior princess rashguards or gis with butterfly stitching are not exactly my style.

Is this what rashguard manufacturers think women want?
Google search results have not disappointed.

Let’s cut to the chase.

I tested Roll Supreme’s Albion rash guard. If you’re wondering about the name, here’s what they say about the story behind it.

‘I will not cease from mental fight.  Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand’. – Jerusalem – William Blake / Sir Hubert Parry. Albion, the oldest known name for the Island of Great Britain.  Celebrating British Jiu Jitsu.  Featuring the famous quote from the legendary ‘Jerusalem’.


Much to my surprise the XS fit me perfectly. I’m a 5’3’’ light-featherweight, so most men’s size equivalents are usually baggy on me. This is a big plus.


This rashguard is held together with flatlock stitching. This means that the stitches won’t irritate the skin. They are also very durable.

The rashguard is made of a mix of 90% spandex and 10% polyester resulting in a thick, but stretchy material.

*The pictures were taken after over a month of everyday use*

Design & opacity

The main reason why I tried it. Everyone’s got different tastes, but the notable thing here is that the white panels are not see-through. Which is important if you don’t want everyone to see your sports bra or back hair… also, short sleeves are a big plus.


I’ve worn it almost every day for 1.5+ months now, and laundered it almost as many times… it still looks and feels like new.


The only downside is that of course it’s a little tight around the hips, which makes it slide up a bit. This is to be expected since it’s a men’s cut. Considering how happy I am with it overall, I’d just go for a bigger size next time.

Maybe you’ll start making some women’s ones guys? You definitely have lots of potential :)

Check out this and other Roll Supreme rashguards here.

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