Finally, there’s a period tracking app for athletes!

If you don’t already use a period tracking app, here is something that will not only allow you track relevant information, but also train and eat in line with what your body needs. Even if you already use one, it’s still worth checking this one out!

This is not a sponsored post. This app has helped me a lot and I think it’s worth recommending.

What is FitrWoman

Women’s sports science isn’t exactly something that’s widely publicised or the information easily available. After 5 years of training and multiple injuries I’ve discovered things that every training woman should know from day one. 

However, even if the books and the blogs find their way into your hands, all this new information can be difficult to implement. This is where FitrWoman is incredibly helpful. The app directly applies the research to your cycle and guides you through it, providing tips and strategies to achieve best results.

How does it work?

FitrWoman splits your cycle into 4 phases based on the data you provide. For every phase you’ll get:

  • Physiology tips – which explain what’s currently going on in your body and how you can expect to feel physically and mentally. This section tells you what to pay attention to in the phase you’re in.
  • Training tips – this section informs you about the types and intensity of exercise that will suit your body best in your current phase. This is invaluable for athletes, as it allows you to plan your training ahead and take your performance further. It can also help with injury prevention, as it reminds you when you’re most prone to it. 
  • Nutrition tips – this section provides advice on what may be the most beneficial foods for you at a given time. 

At the top of the screen you’ll also find lots of insights that provide bitesize lessons on the many factors that affects female athletes’ wellbeing.

Period tracking features

While most symptoms you can track are pretty standard, some features are particularly useful. Recording your activity level or integrating FitrWoman with other fitness tracking apps, recording injuries and adding custom notes can be helpful when evaluating your training routine.

Download it for free here

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