How to stay sane and fit while working from home

Working from home is a dream come true for some (over here!) or a hell on earth for others. Whether you love or loathe it there are a few strategies that will help you make the most of it and remain sane until the quarantine is over.

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Set a schedule for the day

Are you slowly forgetting what day of the week it is? Staying at home all the time can feel like being stuck in that period between Christmas and the new year when time doesn’t exist. When this happens, it’s hard to find motivation to get out of your pyjamas, not to mention getting any work done. How to fix this? You need to create a new routine to break up your day. 

Decide on the time when you’ll wake up, split work time into blocks, plan meals, workouts and chats with friends and family members. Plan some free time as well. This schedule may relax over time, but for the first few days stay on track to snap out of apathy and make things a little more ‘normal’.

It’s also extremely important to stop working when your ‘office time’ is done. Many people struggle with this answering the work phone and checking emails 24/7. Do you want to be at work 24/7?

Focus on one thing at a time

Getting distracted is one of the most common complaints people make about home working. Sure, it’s handy to complete some chores on your lunch break or take the trash out while you’re waiting for a reply from your manager, but when you’re just starting out it can be really distracting.

Breaking up your time into blocks dedicated to certain activities helps with this, but you also need to ban yourself from doing anything that’s not included in that time block.

Switching attention isn’t too bad if you remain in the same theme. But switching from one unrelated task to another takes 23 min on average, raises your stress levels and drains your mental energy.

When you’re in work time treat it as if you were at the office.

Plan one physical activity per day

Regardless of whether you want to do some drills, go over stuff from the new instructional, do yoga, strength and conditioning or even just go for a walk make sure that you plan it ahead and stick to your schedule. 

Why do this? When you have nowhere to be it’s easy to keep pushing everything back until it’s 11 pm seven days later and it’s ‘too late now’. 

Even if you’ve planned on doing drills every day of the quarantine how much have you actually done? Most likely, less than you’ve planned. This is normal and sometimes you deliberately change plans. But planning exercise will increase the chance of survival for your abs.

Last, but not least

Never work in bed.

Wherever you complete your work related chores, you begin to associate that place with stress and labour. It becomes a spot where it’s impossible for you to relax as your brain will think you’re still in work mode. Removing the curse takes ages and to this day I have to avoid one corner of my flat when I’m off work. Don’t do it :D

Do you have any favourite strategies for coping with WFH?

PS If you want to buy mats to train at home (this kept me sane during the first lockdown) check out this cool guide from BJJ Spot to choose the right ones for you.

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