How to get excited for exercise (when you can’t train BJJ)?

Do you sometimes feel like no other form of exercise is exciting when you can’t train BJJ?

In BJJ you’re constantly learning new things. You try them in class and with every session you get just a little bit better until you get that submission you’ve been working on. And then the cycle starts again.

I love exercise, but when learning isn’t at the centre of the activity I get bored pretty quickly. Doing conditioning and yoga for two weeks sounds like fun, but after that I start to get bored. It doesn’t help that we have no idea how long this lockdown situation will last.

If you feel the same way, here’s a good way to get excited for exercise again while you wait for your jiu jitsu gym to reopen.

Get a new challenge

Maintaining your fitness level until you can go back to training isn’t very motivating, is it? Predictions for the end of lockdown vary from June to January 2021 and while your injuries will heal by then, the uncertainty makes you question the point of this ‘maintenance’.

When you start to feel this way, it’s time for a new challenge!

As a bjj practitioner you’re already in good shape. Why not take it crazy levels?

Here are 3 people who keep me motivated. They do crazy things, from being able to live their life walking on their hands instead of feet to being inhumanely flexible. Many of their resources are free and require almost zero equipment. If they could do it you can too (especially with a few months of free time ahead of us).

#1 @puresun_lover

Yoga on level pro, with short tutorials on how to practice for the hardest poses. If you’ve already done the most popular postures a thousand times and are looking for a challenge.

#2 @chrisheria

Building incredible strength through calisthenics. Lots of free, equipment-less workout videos on YouTube and even more on his paid app. If you miss doms, this is your go-to.

#3 @malinmallejansson

Even more practice-at-home calisthenics. Her profile features many mini challenges that you can do at home or you can buy programmes on her app.

#4 @bo_xox

Okay, so in this case I don’t feel so confident about being able to do this :D But her videos will leave you in awe!

PS I may have set myself a challenge to be able to hold a handstand in 3 months, but let’s see how that goes.

What’s keeping you motivated?

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