How to convince your friends to train BJJ (when you’ve already tried everything)

How to get your friends to train BJJ if they are reluctant to even consider the idea? You’ve told them a million times how great it is. They’ve promised to come, but they keep on making excuses. How to encourage them to see the greatness of jiu jitsu and make them join the family? Firstly, think of why they may not be inclined to try it. Fear of feet, fear of sweat, fear of hugging strange men and women. They may be worried that they’re not fit enough and won’t be able to make it through. They may think they’ll get hurt. These and many other reasons make the thought of coming to a trial class less than appealing to say the least. Whether they have articulated their fear or not, pushing them too much may result in them becoming even more discouraged.   convince_your_friends_to_train_bjj_bjjlove_2   If inviting them to participate doesn’t work, what should I do then?  Ask them to come and watch a class instead. It works best if they can make up their mind themselves instead of being told things. If they get a chance to see that it is a friendly environment, where you don’t get hurt unless you don’t tap their worries will be silenced straight away. This works well particularly with women – they watch their friends enjoy something they thought would be absolutely horrible, and suddenly trying jiu jitsu becomes a good idea. Most people want to be in control. They like to know what to expect and prepare accordingly – this approach allows them to do that. Inviting friends to come for a trial class will work with those already interested in jiu jitsu. For others, you will need to help them develop that interest (and eventually get the hooked on it). And once they do, all other excuses such as lack of time, will fade away. PS If after watching a class, your friend is still not interested in taking part then it’s probably really not for them and it’s time to find another victim.

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