What does it mean to listen to your body?

Lots of nutritional/sports/life advice nowadays contains the phrase ‘listen to your body’. This line implies that this is a magical solution to all your problems. But how do you listen to your body?

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What’s your body type?

Or rather - what's your somatotype? You’ve probably heard this term before, but what does it mean for you in terms of training? Somatotypes are descriptions of different physique types.…

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Roll Supreme Rashguard Review

Since I have left most of my worldly possessions in my London flat before the lockdown, I was recently in need of a rashguard. Without any expectations I went for…

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Mindset for BJJ

What should I be thinking to achieve the most in Bjj? You've probably thought about this many times. Before a competition, after a win or a loss, or maybe even after a class when you thought you could have done better?

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Stretching for BJJ – Free Class

Looking for something to do during the quarantine? Why not become ridiculously flexible, develop an impassable guard and have your team mates complain that your legs just come out of nowhere!

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Is a massage gun worth buying?

Anytime someone brings their massage gun to the gym two things happen: everybody wants to try it; all these people are then squealing in pain as they break down muscle knots. It’s fun for everyone except the person who actually owns it and everyone agrees that it’s amazing. But is it amazing enough to buy one for yourself?

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Recovery tip for BJJ people who are always cold

Are you someone who’s often cold, someone who loves extreme heat, but hates cold? Do you feel like it’s more risky training in winter because your muscles are tense from the cold? This is something for you.

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